Management system as the backbone of enterprise. Do not wait until expanding the business, then starting to rebuild the system!

Most Of Customers & Partners When Coming To R-Keeper Also Have Common Thoughts:

1. Our restaurant is still small and doesn’t need a professional solution like R-Keeper yet.
2.  Dcorp R-Keeper customers are almost huge, our restaurant is simple that’s why we’re afraid to contact.


We provide the world's leading professional and standardized solution, however this does not mean that only huge companies and restaurants chains what could apply. When is able to use R-Keeper?

  • Want your business to operate properly for control and optimization the business indicators based on management systems and professional analysis.
  • Desire to have a complete package solution and 24/7 technical support.
  • Don't want to spend time to resolve operational and technical issues for focusing on business development.
  • Want to expand into a chain system without worrying about system failure.

4.0 revolution technology is no longer a trend, it's becoming a strategic business in many businesses.
The needs of customers have changed: If the former requirement is "delicious", then nowadays "fast service" will be prioritized. Small restaurants who do not accept technology applications in operation and management will be at risk of falling back because of poor customer experience


It's never too late to change. Let's start upgrading your restaurant management system to catch up with the trend.

  • Exact and professional from the beginning: The business picture of restaurant will no longer be messy, cashier calculates wrong or loss where unknown.
  • Comfortable to expand business: Always ensure operational safety at any stage of the restaurant's hot growth.
  • Stability and Consistency: Ensure smooth operation and consistency even with 1 or 1000 restaurants.

80% of Dcorp's customers have used domestic solutions for 1-2 years and were not stable in operation.


4.0 revolution technology is no longer a trend, it's becoming a strategic business in many businesses.

The needs of customers have changed: If the former requirement is “delicious”, then nowadays “fast service” will be prioritized. Small restaurants who do not accept technology applications in operation and management will be at risk of falling back because of poor customer experience

CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT Managing many restaurants, business models (concepts) in only one database.
Set up exact detailed reports to each restaurant, city and model (information matrix).
They can manage many restaurants but could not manage the business model with many concepts.
Couldn’t set up the information matrix by Concept – City – Restaurant.
SYNCHRONIZING DATA ON LARGE SCALE Synchronizes data in a variety of standard methods and technologies.
Reduces a system load by synchronizing with real-time, object and schedule.
Processing absolutely accurate, error-free. Has been running stably at hundreds of stores.
Poor synchronization ability, using the default technology of Microsoft to synchronize the entire database.
Full-scale synchronization causes a heavy for system, when happening an issue, it will be difficult to interfere and do not know where to handle.
Data are messy, wrong and confusing when scaling over 30 restaurants.
AGGREGATING END-OF-DAY SALES DATA Centralized & distributed processing technology with intelligent load balancing which helps to aggregate end-of-day data toward HO accurately and quickly.”
Information packages are secure and easy to recover manually when needed.
There is no load balancing technology, based on totaly the processing capabilities of MS SQL Server.
With the software transferred from abroad, the team in Vietnam can not intervene if the data is not coming to server.At the large scale, the sales data synchronized slowly, if there is trouble will not know where to handle.
CREATING A COMMON MENU FOR MULTIPLE CONCEPTS Flexible setting up a common or separate code for all of business models.
Managing centralized code and report.
Can not use the sharing menu. Every concept must have its own code (for example: Coca-Cola is the same in entire the enterprise, but there will be many codes for each of different model)
Difficultly aggregating the report
Easily set up multiple prices for each item and flexibly apply to each restaurant, each phase, each region.
The system usually has only a few default prices amount. Difficultly to create the prices for large chains with variety business models because of menu separation.
PROMOTION/DISCOUNT MANAGEMENT Managing the name and code of each promotion program, the campaigns are set for applying automatically/ manually for each region, each restaurant, each personnel and time.
Easily creating promotion & marketing reports by program code. Controlling marketing expenses by program.
Couldn’t manage the clearly details of each promotional code because of the lack of flexible parameters.”
Couldn’t totalize the report by promotion program.
TAXES / FEES Set flexible VAT and Service Charge (SC) policies for each restaurant, each region, each time, each group, etc., and each kind of order. Inflexible
DISASTER RECOVERY Flexible and lightweight mechanism for re-installing, repairing and restoring data for a restaurant is very fast (<10 minutes) No, have to reinstall the whole Windows & MS SQL Server takes a lot of time (> 2 hours).
BACKUP DATA Backup data at multiple levels: automatic calendar, manual, shift work, number of transactions, etc. Few mechanisms, mainly based on MS SQL Server.
REPORT BI and Interactive Report technology support good computation at large data scale. Interactive Report allows IT Admin to set up complex reports on a screen, drill-down from a number to a detailed report. No. Some softwares use DevExpress’s default technology which could not set up complex reports. Very slow processing at the large data scale.
DASHBOARD Developing powerful BI R-Keeper & Dashboard technology. Almost doesn’t have BI & Dash board. If any, there are often difficulties because the Vietnamese team are less and don’t update new technologies.
INTERFACING WITH ACCOUNTING & ERP SOFTWARES, CRM, LOYALTY Integrates with most of Accounting and ERP softwares. Focuses on Front End development and strong, professional sales management to ensure the business operating at large scale. Difficult. The integrated modules are less user-friendly due to incomplete professionalism, lacking of accurate and stability.
SUPPORT Technicians support 24/7/365 with call-center 1900 6140 throughout the country. Professional helpdesk infrastructure with powerful CRM solutions and ticketing systems. Considering or supporting only in administrative hours, small team, poor support.
POS SYSTEM Running by Windows with a few of R-Keeper standards, ensuring operational quality. Does not require high configuration. Running by Windows and often requires high configuration
PRINTER AND PRINTING TECHNOLOGY Printers made and interfaced by R-Keeper are very stable (printing in Bar/Kitchen won’t be lacked item).
Using the printing technology and firmware which are developed by R-Keeper.
Using the Windows Driver and Common Printer. The stability is not high, losing printing notes in the kitchen a lot.